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Monday, April 7, 2014

Prep for the Streets of Long Beach

Where do I even begin? The sleepless nights leading up to the last minute hustle to get everything done and out the door? The stress that comes with going above and beyond your normal way and means to make something happen? The financial strain professional drifting has on your average rookie? All of these things were my team and I's (along with many others) life leading up to the event this past weekend in Long Beach, CA. This is going to be a long one, since I didn't have time to post up before we left.

These are the trials and tribulations of a Formula D Rookie!

Also Jesse Wood made us a pre edit for FD :) Peep it for some behind the scenes action.

Wednesday, March 26th
First off, this build could not have been finished in time without the help from Keith Slight of Factory Edge, Jim Guthrie, Luigi Truden, Joshua Cain and Foxy from Car Crafters and Josh Resner of 2one3 Graphics. Thank you all so much!!!!!

Also my sponsors, without whom none of this would have happened. Factory Edge Clothing, 2one3 Graphics, Hankook USA, Raw Brokerage, Status Racing, Radium Engineering, Turbo by Garrett, Motiva, Turbosmart USA, SPEC Clutch, LuigiFAB, Car Crafters, Metal Mulisha, Melin and Whiskey Garage. Pumped to be a part of your teams!!!!

Lot's of parts for the stroker motor have not arrived from different sources, and we make the decision to run the stock RB25det from my 2013 pro am car for LB. We took it out and stabbed it that very day thanks to Josh Cain. While we did that, Foxy finished the firewalls for the rear mount setup.

Garrett GTX3076r
Foxy finishing the firewall

He killed it on the piping covers too

Insert plate to cover the rest of the hoses here.

Thursday, March 27th
The (wrong) motor is in, the car has its Car Crafters wiring harness all plugged in and ready to try firing. Goal is to test the car tomorrow, Saturday. It's almost midnight when we try to fire it the first time. Smoke starts pouring out from in between the valve covers with that unmistakable smell of a coil pack destroying itself. No way we are going to find a new coil pack before the event in Albuquerque.

So now the car still doesn't run, and many many things need to happen to pass the looming tech date of the 2nd. Luigi and I have spent 14 -16 hour days all week prepping the little things that go into an FD chassis. Pouring over the rulebook and minimizing the inevitable failings we will get when we actually go through tech. Disheartened and frustrated, this is how the car sat leaving the shop that night.
So much left to do!

Friday, March 28th
Since we had already chapped a few bits off the black cars harness, and there was no way we could find an RB25 coilpack in time, we hacked off the ls1 coilpack harness and spent a part of the day wiring that in. We also put the finishing touches on the dash wiring and gauges, and threw it in the car. Now that we had painted the wheels, and mounted tires the car could be a roller for the first time! #smallvictories Luigi and Foxy made a pretty sweet cover for the plugs that the LS coilpacks mounted too as well. Really cleaned up the bay. We put the mesh on the trunk and riveted the rings in place, I love the way it turned out. Once the small stuff was buttoned and we fired the motor for the first time, we tossed on the body panels and wheels to see what it looked like. Luigi put her up on to the alignment rack and got her rolling right. We then ran it over to Motiva to have my tuner Scotty put it on the rollers. It was late and cops were called (sorry guys!!!) But it made decent power and gave us something to test with. 520hp, 490tq.

Turbosmart e-Boost 2

Reliable coilpacks mounted!

Roller for the first time!

It even looked good grey, and you can see the uber sexy Status Racing seat

Saturday, March 29th
The long hours and stress had gotten the best of us and we decided to take a small break after working during the morning with intentions to test the car on Sunday. 2one3 Graphics came in full throttle with Josh Resner, Keith Slight, Kory Slight, Aoki Chan, and Jesse Wood who all came to the shop around 9 to start the all night wrap the car party. I bought a 50 pack of nuggets and off we went wrapping. Again, cannot thank them enough, especially since we didn't finish until 6am.

Sunday, March 30th
With the car wrapped and running, we slapped on a few sets of Hankook Ventus RS-3's and we headed to the track for a very small amount of test time since the track was doing some sort of nascar drive experience thing.

Testing went well enough for what we needed and we headed back to pack up the rig for the trip. There were a few things we wanted to fix but we had no time. Out tech day was on weds, and the glass still wasnt in the car.

Monday, March 31st
We took the car back to the dyno to fix some last minute issues (which would end up haunting us), put the glass in it, buttoned her all together for the first time, snapped a few pics and rolled her into the trailer that Jim was kind enough to let us use for the first event... Thank you Jim!!

Tuesday, May 1st
We packed her up and headed to LBC for Formula Drift Round 1! My first ever pro event. What a run up, but super proud of all we have accomplished. Stay tuned for the FDLBC post soon!!

<3 Dan

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Radium Engineering Goodness!!!! Fuel system love for Formula Drift

Let me first take a moment to introduce you to one of my long time sponsors, who saw something in me from the very first time I spoke with them as an amateur running top drift. Not only are their parts some of the best looking in the game, they are actually engineered... By real engineers. Really.


These guys have been helping me out with my fuel system for 2 seasons of pro am, and now moving up into the ranks of Formula Drift.

We are going to be running e85 this season, and I spoke with the Radium Engineers about power levels and they came up with a solution for me. So a few weeks back I received some boxes after said conversation. It was like Christmas all the sudden, and I am ok with that.

After unpacking and sifting through the goodies, we began to test fit where it would go on the car. We will be running a 3 pump system, with the larger fuel surge tank, and a bosch 044 external keeping the tank fed. On top of that, they hooked us up with a coolant swirl pot, oil catch can, and fuel pressure regulator.

On to the install pics!

We mounted the FST and external pump to brackets above the fuel cell, with the military harness doing the wiring. The purpose of the FST is to eliminate slosh when drifting on a banked turn or long sweeper. The FST stays full all the time, keeping the motor happy and full of fuel. The Bosch feeds the tank and returns to the fuel cell, the two internal pumps hit a -6an manifold and head up to the front via -8an.

Side view of the setup.
Here is the swirl pot, designed to burp air bubbles out of the cooling system with ease! Since my radiator is in the back, it felt appropriate to mount it there as well.

Here is the new fuel pressure regulator they have designed, and engineered, stoked to be using it! Mounted and looking sexy as all get up.

If you haven't yet visited their website, hit it up at www.radiumauto.com, and check out how awesome their products are. Besides all that, they are motorsports fans, and love all things fast. Thank yhou guys for all you have done, and let's kick ass this season!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to fishhook a 240sx / Single stage amazingness!

Luigi has been working into the wee hours of the night fabricating in order to get the car painted this past weekend, and it happened. He fabbed a sweet penis looking structure to hold my steering column, also pumped on that. Huge thanks to Luigi's dads shop 'Mario's Engines' for letting us use the hoist and giving us shop time to paint it.

Why am I so pumped on our paint method? Well if any of you are like me, you absolutely despise sanding. This method involved 0 sanding what so ever, and turned out perfect for our application. We used an ebay single stage paint in a dark gray configuration. No reducer needed! We cleaned up the bare metal with thinner and tack cloths and sprayed away.

Keep in mind the car is going to get wrapped, so this is just a nice looking base and interior spray. It was never meant to be show car quality, and was meant to have minimal prep plus be easy to repair.

On top of all of that, Jesse was able to get some amazing shots that have a very vintage / rustic feel to them because of the old school nature of the shop we were in. I love it!

On to the pics!


First step was to vacuum most of the dust and sand out. 

Photo by Jesse Wood

Here you can see the ever elusive Kory Slight working the tie down strap with ease. Thanks A-Team!

Trailer life

Once at the shop, we immediately fish hooked the car and stood it up vertically. This served two major purposes (3 if you count looking awesome). First being to paint the bottom of the car, and second to drain the 15lbs of sand from the media blasting. When we tipped the car up it was like an hour glass had been started. Weird and awesome. I have never seen the bottom of a 240sx like this before, and it was pretty cool.

the white underbelly of the beast


The first night we wanted to see how well the cheap paint covered, so we sprayed the underside of the car only. It can out awesome! 

the now gray underbelly of the beast
We let that paint set over night and continued to the top side the next day. We had some issues with the regulator on the gun, so it was spraying at 30psi the whole time. Luigi did a great job dealing with that and had minimal runs.

dat heat!

It turned out nice and shiny, and is a great step towards getting finished! 

On to the rad shots by our very own Jesse Wood!

poser Photo by Jesse Wood

We love teamwork Photo by Jesse Wood

Team Manager Keith strong arming the hoist Photo by Jesse Wood

a tiny amount of cleavage for men is viewable here Photo by Jesse Wood

Texas 240sx Massacre Photo by Jesse Wood

Laying paint Photo by Jesse Wood

Photo by Jesse Wood

Marios Engines Photo by Jesse Wood

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next weeks blog roll!