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Monday, August 24, 2015

Formula D Pro2 Round 2 Seattle 2015 - "Sleeveless in Seattle"

Enjoy the newest episode of the Whiskey Garage Chronicles by

So we spend two weeks prepping for FD Seattle at Motiva Performance here in Albuquerque, NM.
We actually have time to go out and test to make sure things are good to go. We encounter a rather severe overheating issue 3 days before we are supposed to leave... Assuming it was a head gasket, $460 bucks later and I had me an overnighted GH from FRsport. Socttie don't spent all day and night shoving it in, then the lengthy process of bleeding the cooling system on an RB started.

I had planned to leave for Seattle on that Monday and casually drive up, enjoying some scenery solo mission. I had to get on Facebook and recruit some helpers to drive since we ended up leaving super late tues night. Huge thanks to James and David for helping out with that nasty 24 hour straight drive to get there as the drivers meeting was starting. Could not have done it without you.

We set up the pits and and head out to practice. I did a killer first lap and was super excited to work with my spotter Dave to get dialed in for qualifying.

I was getting back in line for another run and realized my car was still smoking like i was on the bank. Back to the pits I went.

Compression test showed low on 2 pistons, the oil looked like a milkshake, and my exhaust was filled with oil.

Turns out this is the damage we did in seattle

We shut it down and waited for qualifying, by the end of the bank in my first run the water temps were a balmy 260 degrees so I shut her down, on my second run I just lost power coming off the bank. We tried, but hey sometimes your motor decides to implode.

Spent the weekend filming funny stuff for the chronicles and had a good time. Stopped by the STR Racing warehouse to pick up my new signature wheels on the way home. We also had a photoshoot out there as well. Super pumped to have them on board this season, stay tuned for another blog post about the flow formed goodness that is the officer d 903!!!

On to pics!