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Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Nissan 240sx build progress!!!!

Time to dust off the ol' blog and get to typing. I figured I would stop and say a few words before the build gets hot and heavy and I don't have time to write.

I have some news to announce that I can't until the official release comes out, but in the meantime...

Huge thanks to Andy from RaceFAB for knocking out the v-mount setup in such a short period of time. If you haven't yet, look them up on instagram @racefab and on facebook. He does outstanding work and is starting to build an arsenal of turbo kits. My car is one of 2 v-mounted s13's with RB25s and probably the only one without modifying the firewall at all.

I'd also like to thank Morgan and Dan from Black Shepherd Productions for putting up with me and deciding  they wanted to take time and effort out of their busy lives to document my rise from the ashes.

And finally Motiva Performance Engineering for taking over where Andy left off and helping me put the rest of the puzzle back together, as well as tuning the RB25 with it's (soon to be) new Turbo by Garrett GTX series turbo (make sure to give them a like on FB as well).

There will be others that will be helping out, but for now I will jump into the progress so far.

At RaceFAB, Andy set up the V-Mount kit so that I didn't have to push the motor back into the firewall (illegal for FD), cut out some of the rear end and fabbed all the stuff needed to run AN lines for the radiator.

 The car as it sat when I brought it to RaceFAB

 Had to cut the inlet and outlets off of the intercooler to make way for AN fittings.

Mounted up the Ford Taurus fans. 

 Andy doing his thing!

 Not phallic at all... It's AN baby!

More Welding.

Radiator and intercooler mounted and ready to weld in the supports, with the bumper for test fit.

My smaller intercooler has short pipes to the intake manifold for less lag. 

The actual V-Mount set up.

AN fittings on.

This is how tight it is to the bumper. Perfect fitment for air flow!!!

Today, I unloaded my garage full of parts at Motiva and the re-build begins!

Stay tuned for another update next week :)