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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Onward and upward! BN widebody and stuffs

Hello people of the internets! It's time for another update from the Factory Edge's DriftFERM secret test facility.

Lack of updates due to lack of funding have sucked, but we got some funding and ordered a whole slew of parts to get us back on track, first of which being a BN style kit from We also finished stitch welding the chassis in the meantime.

Stitch welping. So many welping.
It arrived thanks to Danny George who picked it up from the warehouse, and Travis Avery from Colorado, who was at vegasdrift this weekend and was kind enough to scoop it for me and bring it on home. <3 you dudes.

So the kit fit pretty damn well out of the box, and is close to the same one I had on my 2011 car (the look i loved). Keep in mind it stayed on with not a clamp holding it anywhere. Yay!

The ol' college try
Luigi cut some hockey stick shapes out of the sideskirts, and trimmed the part that goes into the door sill off of the rear fenders to get it to fit juuuust right. We then cut the entire rear of the car off (yet another reason for using this kit, as it is a full fender replacement) and went to town drilling and using cleko (sp?) pin things to hold it in place like bosses.

Cleko pin things

More pin things also #5.0

Here is the rear with the bumper clipped to the fenders. As you can see, nothing in the taillight area at all!

Dat gap!
Meets up with it's friend the sideskirt and the door closes nice and pretty like.

I really like the way this kit looked on my old car, and I like it again on this one. It's really wide too.

And some more pics for your perusal:

Dat wideness


Next steps, get shit in the mail, cut the front end off and fab a new one and cage by the first of feb. See you soon!