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Monday, April 30, 2018

Seat time 350z 4 point harness / fire extinguisher install!

As I went over in the initial seat time 350z walk around video, there were a few safety related things that were super important to address. 1st being the belts. I guess these are better than nothing, but even then, barely. Do yourself a favor and toss them if you currently have them installed. Go buy a set of real harnesses that can actually save your life. I also go over how to actually attach the harnesses to the roll cage as well. 2nd, I go over install a 12 dollar fire extinguisher from Wal-Mart. Why? Because math. $12 is less than $2000+ for a new motor any day of the week. Extinguisher install starts at 11:10 Link to get the extinguisher is here: Low cost SFI harnesses are here:

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Officer Dan in Japan, free JAL booze spilled all over myself

Yes you get free booze on international flights, no you shouldn't spill it all over yourself immediately after cracking that first cold one open. At least I still had my whiskey! I also ate lasagna for the first time with chopsticks...This is 14 hours of economy class fun condensed into 10 minutes of being an idiot. Epic footy by Tomimoto Films

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Officer Dan in Japan, How to get free drinks at LAX

Here is a behind the scenes look at the LAX section of our epic trip to Japan! Witness free drinks galore at #DFSBAR, a yipper snapper, and a random meet up of friends heading to do the same thing and more drinks, this is why I love drifting! Another video soon of in flight antics and landing in Tokyo.

Apparently DFS Bar does complimentary tastings from 11am-4pm and again from 7:30pm-12am!!! If you are ever in the International terminal, go find it! Well worth the extra walk.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Lol 350z trailer a good idea?

I got a half finished cut up 350z "trailer" with my seat time 350z. Here are the ins and outs of this possible good, possibly horrible idea. More videos or possible for sale add to come!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Got me a drift ready 350z for the price of a swapped 204sx

I am super pumped on the 350z I just picked up for 6k. Came with all sorts of drift ready stuff, and this is a quick walk around of it. I will be working on it the next few weeks to get it ready for our next drift event. Hopefully I will have the z trailer done as well, but probably not lol.

List of Mods:
118k mile 2005 350z. 
Jim wolf light weight fly and clutch 
DNA headers 
kinetix high flow cats
AAM dual exhaust
Solid mounted diff
Quaife LSD 4.08 gears
Ksport coilovers
Angle kit
Godspeed control arms 
Upgraded thicker front sway bar
Kinetix intake manifold and cold air intake
16 spare rims and all kinds of parts. 
Enjuku full roll cage
Buddy club low race seat.

 Footage help by Automotive Digresssion - Tim Walsh

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Raw Adam LZ | Officer Dan session

Big thanks to all the new subs that came over from Adams channel, much love! Enjoy some raw footage of the session we had from the other night.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Adam LZ / Officer Dan shred fest in Albuquerque!

Adam LZ stopped by Albuquerque, NM for a few days to hang out and shred some tires at Sanida Speedway!

Peep the antics, and watch me break my truck on the side of a hiway, drift some cars, unicycle, watch Adam spit all over talking about turbo snuts and more!

Officer Dan's Top 5 starter drift cars

I decided to put together a list of the top 5 drift cars I have seen drivers progress the fastest and get the most track time out of the last 10 years of running and attending events here in Albuquerque NM. These are a beginners starting point. I also go over basic mods that a lot of people overlook their first time out. I know there are hundreds of RWD cars out there, but this list is the best bang for your buck! #1 Nissan 240sx #2 Nissan 350z #3 Lexus SC300 / 400 #4 Mazda FC Rx-7 #5 E36 BMW (any)

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Prepping for your first drift event!

 Peep this video:

So you just got your new drift car, which was one of the 5 I mentioned in the last video. You are pumped on being stoked to hit your first drift event. What the hell do you do next? 

Here is my take on having a good ol time with your boys at your local track for the first time, so you don't look like a complete idiot.

Things to brings 
Tires... This may seem stupid but I have seen many a dude show up, roast his only set of tires until they pop, and have to get the car towed home. 
Find wheels and tires before you show up, as you never know if someone witll be there to change tires. 
A jack, duh
Fill your fluids up. make sure you are topped of and dont end your day prematurely. bring extras as drift cars like to shit themselves 
tools dont be the bro that has to borrow everything everytime they break something
duct tape duh 
zip ties, double duh
helmet for passengers if giving rides, not all tracks rent, but all tracks require helmets, illuminati confrimed 
water and stuff
long pants (some places need long shirts), no sense in cutting the dirty laundry you left in the trunk up to make a shitty long sleeve shirt. 
friends. bring them people as thats what keeps events going, plus you have a sick ass cheering squad to watch you spin out. 
that welded diff, no point in being there if you didnt do that one key step 

The first thing you have to do at literally every single drift day is
Over the last 10 years, I have seen some shit when teching cars, so make your local event organizers life easy, and dont be "that guy"

show up with 6 total lug nuts 
a half functional automatic seatbelt (or just lapbelt for that matter)
 a casually resting battery being held down by nothing but gravity
 5 different fluids leaking at the same time
a straight piped NA RX7
 a bicycle helmet
no doors
no windshield
a car full of shit
wires hanging everywhere
your ECU on the floorboard, unsecured in the slightest
ask for a refund if your dumb ass didnt pass. Its 100% your fault. 

Read the tech rules for your local series, they all differ, comps will always be more serious tech wise than practice
Make your car adhere to the above, before you get there, doing it after is a waste of goddamn time for everyone involved 
have your helmet in the car during tech
get a 12 dollar fire extinguisher from Walmart, just because you don;t drift a Ferrari, doesn't mean shit won't get lit
Have your car empty when you bring it to be teched. If I have to move your stank ass laundry off your battery, and have you claim that was tying it down, I will throat punch you. 
show up to tech on time
have places to tow from, front and rear, as a new guy, you will probably go off the track and get stuck at some point. 


DO NOT MISS THIS, especially if this so happens to be your first event. Drivers meetings usually occur within an hour of the actual event start time, check with your local track dudes. 

Many important things are gone over in the meeting, such as 

more safety
did i mention safety? 
track entrance and exits 
course laytout
rules on passengers
rules for passengers 
skid pad rules 
track etiquette 
lead and follow lanes
run groups
what to do when you break
and most important a time for questions, if you are new, speak up, ask questions! We have all been there and most drift dudes love to hear themselves talk, cough cough 

So the track is hot and we have a skid pad available. now what? 

ask if you can set up a cone and do donuts around it both ways until your car breaks or you can do 4- 5 each way with minimal corrections. you are learning to throw and catch the wheel, and throttle control here people


set up 2 cones about 10 - 15 yards apart, and practice figure 8s, you are learning advanced throttle control and focusing on doing the exacting same thing over and over, transitioning in the same spots each time. do this until you can do 4-5 of the exact figure 8s while mantling a non stabby throttle position. you want to be smooth and learn your cars particular timings. 

If you struggle with these, ask for pointers or for some of the more advanced dudes to ride with you, or better yet, let them show you, and pay attention. Not the time for a sick ass selfie of you riding shotgun with billy bad ass driving your car like you should be. 

Donts of the skid pad. 
its easy to get carried away DO NOT BLOW YOUR TIRES UP. Someone has to pick that shit up, and it's usually not the idiot who does it. 
dont be a pad hog. we get that your stock KA can go for 45 minutes without overheating because you listened to me in my last video, unless of course you are the only one there. pay attention rookie, and let others have some fun and learn as well. 
be dangerous or stupid. the skid pad is not a place to do standing burnouts, get sick with the wall, fence, your girlfriends mom, the selfie stick poking over the k rail or anything else of that matter. its a place to learn how to not suck when you actually go out onto the track. 

ok you've mastered that shit, now what? 

watch the normal track for a few laps before heading out, get the basic understanding of where to go. 

head out to the big boy track, and jump into the follow lane (which you know exactly because you listened in the drivers meeting) 

Donts for being out on track
jump in the wrong run group
tandem when you are not supposed to
do standing burnouts anywhere on the track 
get in the lead lane if you know you are struggling drifting the entire course 
put hands out, open your door, or let the passenger do the same
stop mid track to make a phone call 
go backwards for any reason
get out of your car if you break or get stuck, ever, unless its on fire, or the safety team cant figure out how to tow you and asks you to get out. 
don't go 11/10s immediately. you will crash spin a bunch or a combo of the two. get your bearings, pay attention to the course itself, do an autocross run first time out. Noone cares, people will think you are shaking down your car. 

start from the end of the course and work your way back. If you spend the whole day shittily entering and not being able to drift the rest of the course because your line is so far off its a circle, you are gonna be frustrated. the courses usually slow down at the end and have easier turns. master each turn starting with the last, and work your way back. 

ask for more advice when you struggle from the track workers, or other drivers in the pits. have someone records your runs so you can see where to improve

if you are over powering your front tires, air the back tires up more bit by bit until its easy to slide. 

I know that was a lot to cover, but these are real situations o've seen at my events over the years, and I want you as the new guy to come back and have fun next time. so I'll see you there.