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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Drift TOPDRIFT Rd. 1 pics

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Drift TOPDRIFT Rd. 1 was a blast and a half

A huge thanks to Anthony C, as without him I would not have been able to have such a rad weekend. He lent me his drift car for the event, what a guy :)

Despite having the handicap of a car that wouldn't go into second gear, with my head hitting the roof, knees hitting the steering wheel, 120 less horsepower and no e-brake, I had one of the best drift weekends ever! It was awesome to get to drive with people at a much higher level than myself.

I got 2 full days of 2,3, and 4 car tandem, and got to run with my friend from vegasdrift, Nick Dizon, so that was a welcome surprise to see him out there. The weekend couldn't have happened without my main sponsor, Jim Guthrie with Guthrie Racing and Car Crafters. He did pretty damn amazing considering this was his first event. Another huge thanks goes out to Ben, Brian and Mikey for putting up with me all weekend long, fixing things and being awesome.

Here are the results. I was pleased to see I got 18th out of 48 drivers, not bad at all. Pics will be in the next post :)

TopDrift 2011

Qualifying scores going to TOP 16
Rnk Car # Name Score
1 23 Chris Licup 270
2 26 Carlos Cano 266
3 34 Neiko Gunther 261
4 10 Michael Bell 257
5 47 Adas Baksys 253
6 24 John Jimison 246
7 41 Mikki Frial 245
8 39 Jason Kim 243
9 9 Jesse Vargas 240
10 28 Alex Villabrille 231
11 8 David Briggs 229
12 44 Jim Guthrie 228
13 11 Ryan Clemens 225
14 25 Mikey Whitey 216
15 42 Adam Levi 214
16 20 Ramon Hernandez 211
17 35 George Kilada 210
18 45 Dan Brockett 207
19 29 Tony Cisneros 204
20 14 Masashi Motonaga 199
21 1 Orlando Gamez 190
22 16 Enrique Mendoza jr 188
23 30 Matt Dale 188
24 33 Josh Chang 187
25 3 Tyler K Xiong 184
26 36 Mikko Eustaquiao 179
27 7 John Bathel 170
28 40 Daniel Kuo 166
29 17 Philippe Abatol 165
30 5 Spencer Reiker 152
31 37 Misa Ingles 134
32 32 Yoshie Shayuma 120
33 43 Eric Hill 20
34 2 sylvia mendoza DNF
35 4 Luke Pakula DNF
36 6 Brandon Patterson DNF
37 12 Michael Mancuso DNF
38 13 Hasan Hamade DNF
39 15 toi matthis DNF
40 18 Chi Hui DNF
41 19 Vladimir Orlov DNF
42 21 Roger Smith DNF
43 22
44 27 Ryan Fadera DNF
45 31 yuri garcia DNF
46 38 Mauricio Ornealas DNF
47 46 Seth Prestley DNF
48 48 Randy Ramos DNF

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Off to cali at 7am friday for TOPDRIFT rd. 1

So Anthony C. kindly lent me his ride for this event, Cali here we come. Should be interesting in a borrowed car I have never driven in, to a track I have never driven, against people 76 times better than me.

I am excite! Pics from the trip to come...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm so hood...

Still having wiring problems, ECU problems etc... Overnighted the AEM back today, should have it by thurs. May be sharing Jim's car or driving Ben's turbo miata for the cali event.

Here is a pic of the Circuit Sports headlight covers installed on the car, as well as my hood. Hooray.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pics pics pics

Since the 240 is down until we can re-wire it, Will Fox snapped a few choice shots of her :) Thank you Will, and enjoy!

And a few I snapped.

Wiring woes continued (hope on the horizon)

Scotty from Motiva came over to Car Crafters yesterday and told us what was up. Basically the way we wired the car last time was crap and the stock ECU  is very good at "overlooking" wiring flaws, and letting the car run anyway. So the main issue we are having is with the MAP sensor getting a constant 5v reading. 

Stock ECU plugged into harness, MAP gets 5v. 
AEM powered directly from 12v source and good ground, MAP gets 5v.
AEM plugged into harness, MAP gets .44v.
Wiggle the harness and the voltage changes, find grounds, ground them, MAP voltage gets up to a fluctuating max of 1.75v.
You can clearly see the ordeal we are in for, laid out before you in the below picture.

Look at that garbage. 

We took of to the junkyard yesterday and sourced a harness out of a 92 maxima (same ECU plug) to try and re pin the ECU. This looks like a week long undertaking and we only have a few days to get it done, yet again. 

Now for the light at the end of the tunnel! Enter Wiring Specialties Check out this gem they offer for RB swapped cars. This should be arriving by friday :)
More to come and a write up when it gets here :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wiring woes

Sorry for the lack of updates, but we were doing our best to get the car running for this saturdays drift practice (which we didn't make). Issues with the MAP and the TPS and probably the base map itself are keeping it from running. More to try tomorrow before work. 

I only have one pic, all suspension on.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally hit some road blocks...

I was thinking things were coming back together a little too well. My Ron Davis radiator seems to have sprung a geyser from deep within its core. I also had s14 knuckles on my car (5 lug conversion...), and bought another pair of s13 knuckles to send to powered by max. So upon removing the hubs tonight, they didn't fit lol. Last minute switch a roo at Daves's place tomorrow first thing :) He's been a life saver on this journey so far.

Pics (Angle anyone?):

Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Irwindale! Fingers crossed for sandia on saturday :)

Car isn't ready for Irwindale, parts still have not arrived (oil cooler, knuckles, headlights), and to make it we would have to be leaving tomorrow morning. Sooooooo looks like we will be heading out to just drift at willow springs towards the end of the month.

On to the update. Car is painted, motor is back in. Cooling issues are hopefully fixed (new fans, swirl tank installed a different way, radiator in front of subframe). Blow off valve has been moved closer to intake manifold, maybe now it will actually open. Battery has been upgraded to an optima, and is in the back of the car. Fire suppression system is installed. Spent all morning today cleaning and re-wrapping the wiring harness. Installed the new cam sensor disc (for the AEM). Cut the dash to re-install. Front fenders are mounted. Installed new steering rack bushings, as the old ones were hosed. Tomorrow is gogogo, got to get this stuff done!