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Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Irwindale! Fingers crossed for sandia on saturday :)

Car isn't ready for Irwindale, parts still have not arrived (oil cooler, knuckles, headlights), and to make it we would have to be leaving tomorrow morning. Sooooooo looks like we will be heading out to just drift at willow springs towards the end of the month.

On to the update. Car is painted, motor is back in. Cooling issues are hopefully fixed (new fans, swirl tank installed a different way, radiator in front of subframe). Blow off valve has been moved closer to intake manifold, maybe now it will actually open. Battery has been upgraded to an optima, and is in the back of the car. Fire suppression system is installed. Spent all morning today cleaning and re-wrapping the wiring harness. Installed the new cam sensor disc (for the AEM). Cut the dash to re-install. Front fenders are mounted. Installed new steering rack bushings, as the old ones were hosed. Tomorrow is gogogo, got to get this stuff done!


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