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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Cheap drift tire challenge #2: Westlake SA-07 vs Ironman iMove Gen II AS

We have an unexpected winner this time around, but did they have the gusto to take down the Kendas? Who will win this cheap tire challenge? The Westlake SA-07 or the Ironman iMove Gen II AS? Comment with what tire I should try next!

Both tires are under 150 shipped,  225/40/18, both are on stock 350z wheels, both are inflated to 25psi. I ran the same version of the track, 2 different ways as many times as I could before the tire or car failed.

Keep in mind, these tires would have lasted even longer if I didn't do back to back to back laps and gave them time to cool off.

Footage by Tim Walsh | Automotive Digression

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Seat time 350z gets a sub $15 coolant temp gauge!

7 minute install of my 350z coolant temp gauge for less than 15 bucks. No wiring, no mess, no removing body panels, no holes in the firewall, no tapping coolant lines. How awesome is that? I had most of this stuff laying around, so I decided to actually know what temp the car was getting too instead of watching the needle move randomly. Plus i loaded 16gb of music on her and can now commence rocking the eff out.

Cigarette adapter -
OBDII adapter -
Phone holder - 6 bucks from marshalls
Torque Pro app -
Torque Lite (Free) -