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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Formula Drift Rd. 5 Seattle (machine gun glory)

This post is very late, and I have been slacking! Too much going on with the car to scribble down notes about events, so here is a quick rundown of FD Seattle! This trip was with Jesse Wood, Andy Barrow and myself. Here is the video if you haven't seen it, or don't feel like reading :)

Seattle was a 28 hour drive, so we had to leave early to get there by Thursday, we made a few stops along the way to do some touristy type stuff to break up the monotony of the drive.

First stop was at Arches National Park in Utah, where JWood took some rad shots of us long exposure style.

Then we hit up Twin Falls Idaho... It as Twin Falls Idaho.

Next stop Seattle, and swung by my old Bosses boss's house from T-Mobile, Krissy where we got fed like kings and relaxed looking at an amazing view of a lake.

Fast forward to Thursday and we are setting up and getting ready for practice. Typical fashion 3rd run out I break an axle, which Andy fixes post haste and gets me back out for the much needed practice. Something else doesn't feel right with the car, it's down on power and I can't shift into 4th to do the bank. Turns out the car isn't firing on cyl. 2, so we try and swap the coil pack with matt fields and still no go.

Being down 100 or so horses, 3rd gear it is, wide open hard as I can go, making 0 smoke around the bank and barely able to reach the end of it. It was still my favorite track ever.

Pro 2 goes by and i get 17th for the 2nd time, still can't figure out the power issues and now we have developed something new. Anti Lag. The AEM decided we needed it all the time and wouldnt turn it off. Accel, decel, idle WOT, anti lag all the time. #gunshots.

Needless to say it blew out part of the ex. manifold gasket and melted my hood, wires and anything else near the leak. Pro qualifying was no different, with all the issues stacked against me, I did what I could to not wad it into the wall, and was happy we didn't.

After that we filmed a rad drift trike video in Portland, rode a mini ramp at JP from Radium Engineerings house and then headed back home.

Time to put the new motor in for Texas and give it another try :)

On to lots of pics!