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Friday, May 25, 2018

Seat time 350z dyno and how to catch your car on fire using only your transmission!

I take the seat time 350Z to Motiva Performance to get a sick tune, and do everything wrong. Don't be like me when you go to the dyno #lessonlearned. I also cut the trailer lock off my trailer, and head to the track to run about 30+ laps in the seat time Z and destroy my FD car doing 1 donut on the skidpad.

Additional footage from Tim Walsh Automotive Digression, and Santiago Romero

Things that were broken on that super fun day due to a misaligned adapter:
Possibly my motor, as it ripped the dowel pins out of the block
CD009 Input shaft (and probably the trans itself)
Collins adapter, inner and outer
2 brake lines severed
Fuel line severed (caused the fire)
Brand new Tremec bellhousing
Brand new hi tq. starter
Both of my Fueled Racing headers are flattened
Brand new slave cylinder
Remote bleeder line
Wiring harness
Severed 2 wideband sensor harnesses
Trans mount
GKTech Shifter adapter
Brand new Spec Stage 4 clutch, flywheel and pressure plate
Pulled my suppression cord
??? I'm sure I will find more.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cheap drift tire challenge #1: Venezia Crusade HP vs Kenda Kaiser KR20

Who will win this cheap drift tire challenge? The Kenda Kaiser KR20 or the Venezia Crusade HP?

Both tires are under 150 shipped,  225/40/18, both are on stock 350z wheels, both are inflated to 25psi. I ran the same version of the track, 2 different ways as many times as I could before the tire or car failed.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Let's Camping!!! Ep. 2 Jemez, New Mexico

We take a quick mid week overnight jaunt to Jemez and visit the soda damn, our favorite camping spot and the hidden san antonio hot springs via a 5 mile hike in and out!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Seat Time 350z how to (better) install a fire extinguisher

Pacos channel:
In a previous video I installed some belts and a fire extinguisher. I got a few (rightfully) concerned messages about the stoutness of said install. This is the resolution I came up with, and it worked well plus cost less than 10 bucks.

This time around I used some metal zipties and industrial strength velcro.

I am also testing out some new spots for gopro mountage!

Link to get the extinguisher is here:

Monday, May 7, 2018

Officer Dan in Japan, 7/11, vending machines and an r32 livery!

We finally land in Japan at 6am, and set out on the quest for food before picking up our sweet rental van, and immediatly being slapped with a 10 dollar toll before we even made it past the airport. On the way, we hit up a few choice vending machines, and of course, my favorite place to dine, 7/11. After fueling the soul, we head over to start the livery and suspension bits on the R32!

Footage by Tomimoto films!

Friday, May 4, 2018

So you wanna do Formula D?? 3 things you need to know

Nick Stucky posted a blurb about FD, so i decided to get my rant on. Having first hand experience not doing so well at FD, I figured I would give some knowledge to the up and comers trying to make it happen from all the things learned by doing it wrong. Keep in mind, this is for after you have your license, and have a reliable Pro2 ready car lined up or built.
Go sub to Nick Stucky:

Top 3 things you need:
1. Money
2. Team
3. Reliable transportation

Seat time 350z baby upgrades!

Taking more baby steps towards getting the seat time 350z dialed in. New Grip Royal steering wheel goes on, GKTECH steering wheel spacer and lugs as well. I am currently waiting for the power window regulator to re ship, as it came incorrect and with a smashed plug...

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Fueled Racing Nissan S13 V8 Swap kit | long tube header install

Join in as Scottie from Motiva Performance installs the Fueled Racing s13 v8 swap kit and long tube headers onto my LS2 powered 1989 nissan 240sx. You can see Scottie in his natural habitat, whilst I circle him awkwardly with a camera. This is hands down the best sounding set of long tubes I have heard on a 240.

Get your swap kit here:
Get it installed in NM: