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Friday, May 25, 2018

Seat time 350z dyno and how to catch your car on fire using only your transmission!

I take the seat time 350Z to Motiva Performance to get a sick tune, and do everything wrong. Don't be like me when you go to the dyno #lessonlearned. I also cut the trailer lock off my trailer, and head to the track to run about 30+ laps in the seat time Z and destroy my FD car doing 1 donut on the skidpad.

Additional footage from Tim Walsh Automotive Digression, and Santiago Romero

Things that were broken on that super fun day due to a misaligned adapter:
Possibly my motor, as it ripped the dowel pins out of the block
CD009 Input shaft (and probably the trans itself)
Collins adapter, inner and outer
2 brake lines severed
Fuel line severed (caused the fire)
Brand new Tremec bellhousing
Brand new hi tq. starter
Both of my Fueled Racing headers are flattened
Brand new slave cylinder
Remote bleeder line
Wiring harness
Severed 2 wideband sensor harnesses
Trans mount
GKTech Shifter adapter
Brand new Spec Stage 4 clutch, flywheel and pressure plate
Pulled my suppression cord
??? I'm sure I will find more.


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