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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chugging along cutting stuff up. (big ol' update)

Yesterday and today we made some great progress. Made adrien get up early once again, and got started. Halfway through the day we had to go run a drift event... You know, no big deal.

I kept asking. Do I really want to pull the motor? The real answer was no, but we did anyway. So here come the pictures. Engine bay = Nasty. Easy off oven spray to clean all the grease off that spilled from the catch can. That stuff really works, go buy stock now. We even gave the motor a nice cleaning.

Test fit a set of 18x10 +20 offset rotas, with added 20 mill spacer, 0 offset works out perfect in the rear. What wheels to buy now... cheap is good ;)

I have had cooling issues with the motor from day 1, so we are tackling that as well. We are moving the radiator i front of the core support, giving ample room for man sized fans, plus picking up 4 inches of the radiator that were hidden under part of the subframe. 

On top of that, we (and by we I mean Brian) made the headlight bracket removable for access to the radiator.


While he was busy doing the easy stuff, I got started on putting tin foil on shit. Yup. Tinfoil master flex right here.

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