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Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Coast Drift Party Pre-Registration for Oct. 1st and 2nd

We are to the point where we are taking pre-registration orders for the event. This includes those of you in state as well.

Drivers List:
#1 Jeremy Norris, CO

Here is the catch for you out of state folks, we have secured funding for a gas/diesel credit:
  • 300+ miles away gets $100 each
  • 300 - 50 miles, gets $50 each
Just show us your ID's when you get to the gate. This credit will go out to the first 10, or until we reach $1,000, depending on where people are pre registering from.

If we dont get enough people pre reg'd from out of state to fill the credit, it will be dumped into the purse for the comp on sunday :) I will be keeping a running list of the drivers signed up in the order they paypal on this blog.

You will receive the credit when you arrive at Sandia on saturday or sunday. Remember to get your tire requests in here ASAP as well.

If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email at

In the comments section of the checkout, please include the following:


City and State you are driving from:

Car year make and model:



Interesting Fact about you:

Years Drifting:

On to the payment info!!!

$135 for 2 day plus discounted camping
$125 2-day entry
$25 Saturday only
$100 Sunday only

$20 2-day general admission ($15 Sunday only).

Gates will be open all day, and a pre race BBQ will be held around 2pm on saturday. We will have tech until 4:30pm - Drivers meeting to follow shortly after.  Please try to be there!

On a side note, it may very well be pretty cold at night, so bring warm clothes and tons of tires.


If the button above doesn't work, please send payments to

Can't wait to see everyone out there!



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