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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The 93 and the 91 got some love this weekend!

This weekend was pretty productive for both cars. The 93 coupe got some fab lovin and the 91 coupe got some general exterior lovin.

The Black Car:
Brian almost finished the cage, just need the harness bar now...The door bars came out pretty badass if I do say so myself. We also shaved almost 100lbs by gutting the doors. Woooo!

He also wrapped my header better than jay z ever could.

 and I did some light fab work for once... I cut some shapes out of sheets of metal, then punched waaaay too many holes in them to tack to the rails. Go me!

On saturday, I welded for the 2nd time ever (first time involved me blowing a hole in the bed of a truck). My efforts resulted in this hideous looking beast.

Welding is fun. I shall continue my efforts in taming the electric beast.

Not pictured but still worth a mention, we put a seat in, and i swapped the steering wheel, hub and quick release from the white car... It was rather sad to be in there :( I also pulled ron davis off to check it for leaks. I really don't want to buy another radiator. Next weekend, we tear the white car to pieces!

The Gray Car:
First off, I slammed the car without ever aligning it, then put the 18x10 XXR 521 's on it that were never meant to fit, with spacers that are way too big. The result was a car that rubbed everywhere, and it felt like I was initiating drift every time I came down from a bump. 4 hours on sunday, and it has a proper alignment and feels cherry. I also installed a pignose lip and megan racing roof wing. All I need is a set of 180sx type x side skirts and I am pretty much done with this thing :)

On to the pics!

Fit very well considering how cheap it was...

For the price, the megan coupe roof wing is spot on. 

My Grip Royal wheel is peeking through :) You can also peep the pignose lip I got from Dave.

Starting to look good!

could go lower, but I really dont feel like aligning it again... Maybe when I get the skirts.

The wing is a nice subtle touch and goes well with the over all gray / black theme. 

Overall a tiring but productive weekend in the books, and I hope I get to mob hard on it at some point this week, and next weekend. Gotta get this thing going!!!


  1. I know nothing of cars that would be near your level, but this does look awesome.