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Friday, February 10, 2012

Matt Arruda ( Iox BOSS xoI ) does the Drift 2 Cobra for Forza 4!!!

So Right when the video came out Matt messaged me on Facebook, saying "I should probably do that mustang"... Fast forward to now, and here it is in all of it's glory. If you have not seen this guys work before, get ready to have your mind blown, and go like his page here, and add him on x box live (gamertag in the title), and look for this car in the market if he chooses to sell it ;)

The attention to detail is insane, from the logos, the simulated light bar and front strobes, to the extension of the windshield to include the banner, this thing is as legit as it gets.

Enough talk, here is the 04 cobra used in Icon's 'Motorcycle vs. Drift Car Battle 2' done up forza 4 style by Matt. I have included some other designs of his below the jump as well.

Well done man, thank you for all the effort put forth in making this, and all the others you do.

Any companies out there wanna contract Matt to do your car forza style?? Get at him on Facebook :)

More goodness (Click here for his albums):

My good buddy Corey Hosfords K Sport 370z for this season in FD.

Another good buddy, Matt Field's FD whip.

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