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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Formula Drift 2014 Build begins!!!

Hi everyone, long time since I have had an update, sorry for slacking. The 2014 Formula D season is close upon us, and we are getting our ducks in a row late deciding to build a new chassis instead of using my old haggard one.

This is the start of the build and while boring, these should be at least a hint into the awesomeness that will happen. On to some pics of the goods. Aoki did work today taking everything off from picture one in like 3 hours.

Day 1

The day we picked her up. which was yesterday. 12/17/13

 Day 2

Everything but the fuel rails are out.

Gonna be a clean start to something epic.

Sound deadening out, just needs to be cleaned up.

Next steps are to get the shell cut up like an emo kid, then cleaned up like his parents sent him to band camp. Stay tuned!!!


  1. This car really needs a good service in order to be sold out. I mean how did this car got to this worst condition? Was there any accident that occurs from this car?Whats the story?

  2. Oooo.... This car is totally damaged. But this is the perfect idea to re use the parts of an old car t make a new one with a better performance.