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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Radium Engineering Goodness!!!! Fuel system love for Formula Drift

Let me first take a moment to introduce you to one of my long time sponsors, who saw something in me from the very first time I spoke with them as an amateur running top drift. Not only are their parts some of the best looking in the game, they are actually engineered... By real engineers. Really.

These guys have been helping me out with my fuel system for 2 seasons of pro am, and now moving up into the ranks of Formula Drift.

We are going to be running e85 this season, and I spoke with the Radium Engineers about power levels and they came up with a solution for me. So a few weeks back I received some boxes after said conversation. It was like Christmas all the sudden, and I am ok with that.

After unpacking and sifting through the goodies, we began to test fit where it would go on the car. We will be running a 3 pump system, with the larger fuel surge tank, and a bosch 044 external keeping the tank fed. On top of that, they hooked us up with a coolant swirl pot, oil catch can, and fuel pressure regulator.

On to the install pics!

We mounted the FST and external pump to brackets above the fuel cell, with the military harness doing the wiring. The purpose of the FST is to eliminate slosh when drifting on a banked turn or long sweeper. The FST stays full all the time, keeping the motor happy and full of fuel. The Bosch feeds the tank and returns to the fuel cell, the two internal pumps hit a -6an manifold and head up to the front via -8an.

Side view of the setup.
Here is the swirl pot, designed to burp air bubbles out of the cooling system with ease! Since my radiator is in the back, it felt appropriate to mount it there as well.

Here is the new fuel pressure regulator they have designed, and engineered, stoked to be using it! Mounted and looking sexy as all get up.

If you haven't yet visited their website, hit it up at, and check out how awesome their products are. Besides all that, they are motorsports fans, and love all things fast. Thank yhou guys for all you have done, and let's kick ass this season!!


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