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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brian Dewitt is rad, aka he smashed hard and almost finished the roll cage

I do not know how to weld. I have tried in the past, and blown holes in what ever metals I was trying to stick together. While I was out running errands trying to get parts bought, paid for and sold, Brian was at Car Crafters destroying time and space building the cage.

Before I had even arrived, he had the main hoop, cross support, and top hoop done. Thats what 8 hours of work looks like for a normal person, but that is only 4 for Brian :)

The car started off this morning as a lonely bare shell. It needed love badly.

Brian had bent and MMS'd me a picture of this before I was even awake... MADNESS

Added some plating, you know so the cage doesn't stab through the floor and what not when I roll it off another 8 foot hill.

Hoop D...


Tipped down to weld

Mo plating in the front of the car

Passenger side

Additional supports were added to the halo to prevent crushing in the highly likely case of me flipping again.

Picture of the beauty!!!

Bash bar is in!

Again, I cannot thank Brian enough for everything he has done to help me out. If you see this man at an FD event with Jim Guthrie or at a Pro Am with me, make sure to give him a high 5 just for being that awesome.