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Sunday, January 22, 2012

We dun flipped it! Another s13 240sx coupe build post

So I did this to my white car filming the Icon video, Motorcycle vs Drift ar Battle 2:

So, I am now rebuilding another coupe! With Brian Dewitt from Car Crafters epic skills, we did all this in one day.  Santiago came to take some nice pictures of the build, but I dont have acces to them yet, so cell phones pics it is! He also helped out with the sound stuff removal, thanks buddy!

The first pro am event is in early Feb. so we have a ton to do, and not a lot of time to do it. 

This is the car (1993 coupe) as it sat yesterday morning at 10am. Sad, dirty and feeling a bit unloved.

A few hours later, we had removed the lights, sunroof, pedal assembly, steering column, rear bumper, front bumper, fenders, doors and trunk, and thusly had it stripped to a shell. It was diiiiiiiiirtay.

Removed all the glass...


Minus the brackets, cell phone and cardboard, this is what it looked like under the seat and carpet :(

Vacuumed it out, pounded on a few dents, removed the gas tank (it was pretty dented), and all the lines doing to the front of the car. We now have a 90% bare shell (subframes and e-brake still on).

Used 6 cans of oven cleaner (this stuff is amazing) to get the nasty off of the entire car. I sprayed down the entire car top to bottom with this stuff.

Once the car was soaking in 6 cans of oven cleaner, we got to taking out all the sound deadening. Dry ice is pretty damn amazing as well, and from start to finish took about an hour to get all the stuff out. 

The cleaner had soaked in and done its job, the sound crap was all out, so it was time to wash it. Twas so dirty, the drain got clogged. 

The shell is now cleaned and ready for the next steps!!! Cage, paint, test fit of parts from the white car and hopefully a test drive soon.

The oven cleaner revealed these sweet 80s stripes the car had at one point in it's life. Rad.

Happy coupe!

That's all the update I have for now, more to come soon. Stay tuned.


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