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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prepped for paint, and leady to lock! A visit from Ernie Vigil as well!

So I was hoping to get the car in and out of paint today, but sometimes things come up. Still a decent update, got a lot of the smaller things buttoned up, and the car and all of my wheels are now ready for paint :) As always, Brian mobbed like a boss on everything all the time.

The harness bar is welded in place, the plates in the back are tacked in, the Powered by Max hydro e-brake base is welded to the plate, holes poked in the floor during sound deadening removal are patched, all plastic clips are off, the raised section of floor where the cat used to live is pounded down. Brian loves his giant freaking hammer.

On Saturday the one and only Ernie "E-Dub" Vigil from Drift 2 stopped by and lent a hand. It was much appreciated good sir!!

I also had to order a few parts that got destroyed in the wreck... Like the brake booster and clutch master cylinder. Got a used z32 300zx one, and a fresh new CMC. Also ordered a new fuel pressure gauge since mine is so cloudy you can't read anything on it. Thanks to getting hooked up with Amsoil, I got some oil and trans fluids ordered as well.

On to pics!

Tunnel up!

Tunnel down!

Testing seat position with my Grip Royal wheel :)

Low rider

Harness bar welded in!

I had a ton of wheels to sand :(

Sanded and clean!
All the photos before this one were grainy, and I thought something was wrong with my phone, turns out it was dust... lol.

Welds R' Us

Powered by Max e-brake base all welded and sexy

top view for some reason

Sitting in the prep area, ready to get sprayed!

The rear.


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