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Monday, March 12, 2012

S13's interior and engine bay painted, 5 lug on

Busy busy busy weekend. Friday the car went into paint, and we started getting things ready early sat morning, then buggered off to a drift even at noon. Sunday, we mobbed all day long. More details on that below.

Drove the daily for a few laps, the seats suck really bad, but other than that even with the lack of power, she did great and I had a good time :) Driving Brians SC was a highlight of the day. Love that thing. I also sported my Icon helmet used in motorcycle vs car drift battle 2 :) Love that thing as well, thanks for hooking me up with it Icon!!!!!

Once again, without Car Crafters and more specifically Brian Dewitts help, none of this car would be possible. Period, end of story.

Sunday, we got the brake and clutch master cylinders in, and Brian knocked out some epic new brake hardlines. We also got all of the suspension swapped over, as well as the 5 lug, e-brake, brake bias adjuster, and dash. All thats left now is the motor, wiring, body panels and glass.

Pics! From white to almost neon yellow.

300zx brake booster and BMC, new CMC as well. 

Powered by MAX e-brake in and awesome.

Car is on all 4s, 5 lugged and ready for motor. 


  1. Freakin sweet dude. That is some very nice work! What external color you gonna do?

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