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Monday, February 3, 2014

Roll cage and making rear light brackets FTW

FD is fast approaching as we get the chassis prepped and ready for paint in a week. Luigi and Daniel and Jacob have been killing it this week and weekend on the car. Much progress has been made!

Luigi and Jacob mobbed hard sunday and finished 90% of the cage minus door bars, bracing and those all important dimple die holes we all know and love. Cage pics go! The cage is sexy and high out of the way and awesome.

He also Whipped up a intercooler support bar that bolts off for easy removal of motor. PS Yukio don't mind the Precision on there, it's just for mock up!!!! <3 Can't wait for the Garrett GTX to be sitting there instead :)

Daniel diligently dabbled directly with the rear end. #alliteration Cutting the entire rear end of the car off brings in some interesting challenges... Such as getting the taillights where they are supposed to be, and mounting the garnish piece that goes under them. These are designed to be replaced easily in the case of some rear end carnage. Luckily for me, Daniel knows what he is doing and they came out right dandy looking. They also made a cage for the fuel cell to sit nice and snug in.

That's all for now folks, stay tuned for more soon!


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